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We here at Coast Transmission and Performance are truly Jersey strong.  With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in our field we are truly committed to our profession.  Our profession includes a strong work ethic, integrity and customer satisfaction at Coast Transmission and Performance we’ve been serving the Jersey Shore since 1973.

Our reputation for signature transmissions, engines and rear ends is what our name has been built on.

The ability to build a superior bullet proof transmission, engine or rear end to endure high RPM as well as every day daily driving has taken our customers to the winner’s circle.working on motor

If you have a need, want or dream Coast Transmission and Performance can fulfill your desire.

Through the internet Coast Transmission and Performance can now deliver these dreams to your doorstep where ever you may be, in Jersey, USA or the world.

At an early age we found ourselves watching our fathers, neighbors, and relatives rebuilding transmissions and engines because of these early experiences we developed a passion for all things automotive.   At the early stages of our careers we found a deep passion for Corvettes and muscle cars and we still have the same passion today.

After growing up in this field and learning from old school professionals as well as receiving the credentials and licenses of modern day technology to back it up; we’re able to be an asset to our customers in every aspect of the automotive industry.  With our experience we can offer the very best of old school knowledge in combinations that are proven in modern performance.

We treat each job as if it were our own.   Nothing is overlooked, right down to the last nut and bolt.  Whether you have an everyday driver, custom hot rod, Saturday night cruiser, or just want a wild ride.  We go along for each and every drive with you.  We take tremendous pride in all of our work, but especially in each transmission, engine and rear end that we do.